Useful information

Driving time:

Maximum driving time is 9 hour per day, it may be increased to 10 hour maximum two times per week.
Weekly driving time may not exceed 56 hours, two consecutive weeks this number is 90 hours.
Maximum driving time without break: 4 and half hour. After a 4 and a half hour driving the driver must take a 45 minute uninterrupted rest period. (Rest period can be divided into 2 or 3 parts, each of them minimum 15 minutes.)

Daily rest of the driver is at least 11 hours. It can be reduced to 9 hour maximum three times a week, on condition that an equivalent period of rest be granted as compensation before the end of the following week.

Weekly rest period: 45 consecutive hours. This rest period may be reduced to a minimum of 36 consecutive hours if taken at the place where the vehicle is normally based or where the driver is based. It may be reduced to a minimum of 24 consecutive hours if taken elsewhere.
Untaken time from the decreased daily rest period (maximum 3*2=6 hours) must be taken together with the main weekly rest period.

Drivers who work on Saturdays and Sundays may tkae their rest period on any day of the week.

Driving time is not the same as working time.

Drivers must obey driving and relax time rules!!!